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Who We Are

Daily Table is an innovative not-for-profit retail grocery store founded and led by Doug Rauch, the former President of Trader Joe’s, to address both food insecurity and wasted food. We opened our doors in Dorchester, MA on June 4, 2015 bringing affordable groceries and prepared meals to a welcoming community. Daily Table is able to offer very low prices by working with a large network of growers, distributors, manufacturers, and other suppliers who donate their excess, healthy food to us, or provide us with special buying opportunities. Its retail model is designed to be self-sustaining over time, and allows us to create jobs, be a fixture in the community, and provide a convenient and dignified shopping experience for our customers. By increasing access to affordable, and wholesome food we expect to help reduce the health effects of poor eating habits caused by challenging economics.

What We Do

At Daily Table we believe that delicious, wholesome and affordable food should be available to all. We are on a mission to help communities make great choices around food by making it easy for them to choose tasty, healthy, convenient and truly affordable meals and groceries. And we do this in a respectful manner that honors our customer, engendering dignity.


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